From Diarrhoea to Tobiko in Three (Not-So-Easy) Steps

Well, it’s been a pretty crazy time since my last post, and now there’s so much to catch you up on. Since my last post, Steve has turned 40, we’ve had two sets of houseguests, and Callum was sick for over two weeks! I’ll soon write about each of these things and more, but for now I’ll focus on Callum’s first real bout of illness. This may not be for the faint of heart (read: those of you who are not parents).

Although Callum has had the sniffles before, he has never had a full-blown virus before this: runny nose, runny bum, and a very sleepy baby. Callum has never been particularly prone to diaper rash, but his diarrhoea (<< isn’t that the strangest looking word?) gave him such a red little bum, that we had to take him to the doctor to get a prescription for topical ointment. Poor little guy. When I said to Steve that knowing that Callum didn’t understand what was going on made watching him suffer so much worse, Steve joked in response, “He probably thinks that this is what the rest of his life will be like.”

Diaper changes were an absolute nightmare when the rash was really bad. He did not want to let me anywhere near his little bum! In order to speed the healing along, I gave him a baking soda sitz bath, which was gentler on his little derrière than using wipes. I then let him have some time to roam around diaper-free so that his rash could breathe. If you’re thinking that diaper-free and diarrhoea sound like a bad combination, you might be right! Fortunately, we have hardwood floors on the main level of our house, and Callum only took one poop on the floor. Sounds disgusting, I know, but I’ve cleaned up after various dogs and cats over many years, and this was certainly no worse than that. I’m also pretty hard to faze now that I have dealt with a year’s worth of regular baby poo and a week’s worth of diarrhoea.

And there you have it, folks: the glamorous life of a mom. Mother-to-be guides should let readers know from the outset that along with learning to accept probably never sleeping enough ever again, they will soon not care about dealing with poo, be it in a diaper or on the floor.

Callum is all better now: no sniffles, no diarrhoea, no diaper rash, and he is back at daycare after missing over two weeks. And now we both have to adjust to him being away from home three days a week all over again…


Proof that Callum is now 100% himself: a pic of him eating Tobiko yesterday!

4 thoughts on “From Diarrhoea to Tobiko in Three (Not-So-Easy) Steps

  1. awwww… poor babes. I’m glad he’s feeling better! Aidan had his first diarrhoea (I copied your spelling even though my spell check is saying that’s not right?) last weekend after his vaccines. He also got a temperature of 38.9… although I’m pretty sure it was higher when he first got it and I didn’t have the proper thermometer! I was so worried. Not fun! Now he’s waking every 2 hours at night and construction on my building has made napping hard for him and impossible for me. I have to admit I kind of miss the sleepy baby part!

  2. Haha! And I miss having my little guy at home with me! He was extra-snuggly while he was sick. It’s nice to see him back to his usual energetic and adventurous self though! I hope his next illness is a long way off…

  3. So much of parenthood comes down to poop, doesn’t it? Haha. I never imagined Tim and I would be discussing poop pretty much every single day once we became parents. “Did he poop today?” “Do you think he has to poop?” “When was his last poop?” “Was his poop runny?” It never ends!

    Glad Callum is feeling better. Nothing worse than seeing them sick, especially when they are too little to understand. What a good little eater he is! Go baby go!

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