Daycare: eep!

ImageToday was Callum’s first day of daycare. Although he was there less than two hours, since this week is his “gradual entry” into the program, and I was at the daycare centre the whole time, I was a bundle of nerves. (Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. feeling nauseous…) Leaving my one-year-old child in the care of complete strangers, no matter how lovely they may seem, is the most anxiety-provoking thing I have ever done.

We shopped around for a daycare, and this is a nice place: clean, bright, good caregiver to child ratio, good philosophy… Nonetheless, it feels like a baby farm to me: babies eating in high chairs in a circle, lining up to wash their hands. One little boy cried nearly the whole time we were there: separation anxiety. I felt his pain. I suppose I’ll get used to the idea, and Callum was a trooper, of course. He starting exploring the centre as soon as we got there, excited to see new toys and faces (in that order, apparently). I left the room a couple of times, and when I returned he didn’t seem to have noticed my absence: the first time, he was happily munching away on his lunch, and the second, he and another little person were figuring out a bead maze together. I’m proud of his independence! Maybe he can teach me a little?

Certainly, the song that was playing in the elevator as we made our exit didn’t help much: it was Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven.” As if I hadn’t already pictured terrible scenarios involving the daycare’s fifth floor balcony. Thanks for that, universe and soft-rock elevator music station.

Coming soon: photos of Callum’s now pale yellow room and Steve’s confession…

6 thoughts on “Daycare: eep!

  1. I’m so proud of you, because I can only imagine how difficult today was. I’m sure daycare will be so beneficial to Callum in countless ways. I’m happy to hear he’s making new friends and having a good time! Love you and miss you A LOT…

  2. A difficult but important step along the road of motherhood! Good for you (and Callum although I hear the first day of day care is usually more traumatic for mother than child!)

  3. Oh wow, it sounds very tough, but the place looks great! But “Tears in Heaven” in the elevator – no!! I would have started crying. Good for you for making it through.

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